Video Clips

Some material may be inappropriate for children.

Think you've got beer skills? About a meg
Humans vs. the Apache chin cannon. About 5 meg
Car vs. Pigeon. About a meg
Insurgents vs. Laser Guided Bomb - About a meg
Shalom! About 4 meg
LASIK Surgery. About 4 meg
Cows With Guns About 1 Meg
Sponge Monkeys About .5 Meg
John Kerry - Priceless About 4.5 meg
All Your Base About 1.5 Meg
Mr. Namath has a problem. About 8 meg
Stupid Car Tricks - About 1.4 meg
American Politics About 4 meg
Cthulhu Trailer - About 2.5 meg
More American Politics About 4 meg
The Most Annoying Badgers:
Smoking Monkey Much less than a meg
Badgers - About .5 meg
The Numa Numa Dance - About 4.5 Meg
Football Badgers - About .5 meg
Baseball Flasher - About 2 Meg New
Holiday Badgers - About .5 Meg
Bird vs Randy Johnson - About a Meg New
Air Drummer - About 6 Meg New
Spock Sings Bilbo - About 9.5 Meg New
Blaupunkt Pimped Ride Commercial - About 2.5 Meg New
Family Fun - About 6 Meg New
Bad Tim Curry - About 8.5 Meg New
New Orleans PD Looters - About 5.5 Meg New
Milkshake - About 6 Meg New
Speed Shooter - About a Meg New
DEA Gun Safety - About 4 Meg New
Tom Cruise in Collateral - About 6 Meg New