The 2001 Wings Over Houston Airshow was held over the weekend of October 19, 2001 at Ellington Field, just outside of Houston, Texas. I was unable to attend, but my neighbor did and was able to snap a bunch of pretty cool pictures. I have included two, below, for your inspection. He told me that the number of military aircraft present was severely reduced from previous years, for obvious reasons. There was a great WWII battle recreation, though, with more than 100 aircraft in the sky for the finale.

Here are the two best shots that he grabbed from the event:

F16 Hard Bank  This picture was snapped as the F16 was pulling away from the crowd with the afterburner kicked in. The pilot yanked the bird hard to the right causing the airstream break over the wings. This guy was loud! 
The advertising for the airshow said that there was a possibility that a B2 would make a flyover for Saturday only. Nobody would confirm, even on Saturday, whether or not the Big Bat would show up. After a few events were performed for the crowd, the PA announcer said that there was, indeed a B2 on the way and that he could now safely announce that the Bat was "inbound from Kabul!" An enormous thunder of cheers and clapping ensued as this bomber made its fly-by.  F16 Hard Bank